Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random updates~

Been such a long time since i had the time to blog :/
Its like im neglecting this small space here ><
Really been busy everyday with attachment and 'Star Prince' project.

Its really fun and I would not give up any of it.
Although there were the hard times and days where i have to wake up early or chiong photoshoots, the experience is really an eyeopener. (;

I felt that i have let down  my other friends/cousions whom i cant spend my time with during this busy period.
I have already missed junjie's birthday, and coming up would be audrey's, weiling's and felicia's 21st(harmee)
Im really sorry >< If you guys are reading this please forgive me )):
I would really want to spend time with you, I swear i would makeup the time lost with you guys (:

Being recognised, is not easy at all.
The hardwork you put in, can be flinged off by other people's words or actions.
This is the reality where I really get to see many of the 'Behind the Scenes' of Cosplay.
But would I stop whatever I am doing now?

NO! Because if i were to do so, those people would be smiling their asses off.
So to those haters, badmouthers, backstabbers, (whatever form you are) I will not lose out to you (:
I shall hone my skills (in any way) to be stronger and show you what I am capable of ;D
And i have appeared yet once again in Teenage magazine (:
In the October Issue(teenage semi-finalist), November Issue(Teenage Bigdayout) and December Issue(Haru Star Prince) heh heh :D

In anycase remember to support us :D

Signing offf~~

As Natsuki (:

And as Kazue if you all missed me hehe (yes i dyed my hair FYI~ ) :D

Friday, September 30, 2011


Life have been very interesting for me many ups and downs throughout this few months.
I didnt win anything for teenage, but i gained a chance, a character for a dancing boyband for cosplay.
Even the boss of Haru was shocked when she later realised that I am a cosplayer (:
I have to really thank her as she taught me many things and I always enjoyed the practice with the boys.
We are such a playful bunch of people but we are working hard to shine (:

Its really intriguing for me as people from total strangers a few days ago can feel like your really close friends, like after communicating for a short period of time.
Due to my hectic schedule, I have not been working at Sgpools or going out with my frens (i apologise ); )

&& to people who are interested in which anime we are doing, we are doing 

Uta no Prince Sama :3

&& i will be cosplaying Natsuki Shinomiya ;D

Please do support our page by liking it (and my pictures if possible hurhur ;3)

&&& if u were missing my face, here's a camwhore 
Pictorial Journal sample i taken after my Visual Kei walk last sunday ;D

Aweshuuuum? :D

Signing Off,

Monday, September 05, 2011

Goodbye Baby Goodbye

The current me ! :D

I kinda like how much glossier my hair is because there is no bleach and I have been trying to style my hair differently.
School Life in t.p has unofficially ended, because my attachment will have to start next fri.
YES, who starts attachment on a friday, but me right?
And i have rehearsals on the night itself + I have competition on sat, and sun (if i scrap thru the semis)
I will be dancing goodbye baby leh. I have already thought of the worst case scenario possible, getting eliminated.

The judges sing 
'  Good bye Kazue, GOOD BYE! 
(in tune to the song i m dancing to)'

Im kinda excited yet at the same time afraid of the day approaching.
Well it could be a day that will make or break my fate (haha too exaggerating)
Anyway it will be very important day/s, performing infront of a crowd would be a very interesting experience for me at least.

Hopefully i can stand out from the 11 guys (yes, 1 dropped out which i 暗爽 abit coz hes a good dancer.)

I also really miss cosplaying you know, like putting on the costume and wig & makeup , and fussing for the 'here not nice' , 'there not good enough' but in the end still go out and take pictures.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long time no see :D

Had a photoshoot with Paul & Eugene few weeks/months back and it was fun (:
Some camwhore pics in Lexy (Lx-5) :D

Camwhoring at Long john :D

Bigass-ed face of me Using flash at night ((:

&& finally an update on my dark/black hair :D

It looks kinda awesome here as someone helped me style it :D

Anyway i went back to my gramps house after like 1-2 months and took back some memories hehe.

Lump of cuteness there :D

I woke it up by accident and Cappuccino look so freaking stunned. LOL  AWWWW 

Rise of the Apes Kitty (her name)

Failed shot, she so dao! ):

Cappuccino in my arms, act cute somore hehe ^^

Dao kitty :o

I love her eyes 8)

On a random note, this used to be my hairstyle LOL.

&& currently i style it like this! 

2 more weeks to end of studying in school, can you believe it?
Well I will be on 5 months' attachment to NUS, hopefully there are no nasty people there (:
On a really really random note, i was really glad to be chosen for the semi finals of Teenage.
So im 1 out of the 12 guys in Category B.

WELL, its SEMI-FINALS, that means dat there is another round of elimination.
This time we have to show our talents within 5minutes in front of the stage in Iluma!
Freaking scary, just to think about it.
As my throat is not in a good condition + I always supply it with KFC, i dare not sing.
Im scared that 1 off key/ cracked voice would leave me VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Thus i have decided to dance a full song to impress the judges! (:
But heres the catch, i have to dance alone in front of strangers & hopefully impress the judges.
Well, i aint awesome dancer + does not have an established dancing background.
BUT, I hope that my determination & effort AND HARD WORK will gain its recognition.

Yes, I have decided to dance Goodbye baby from Miss A . Alone! :o
That is the tentative plan which i have to submit by this friday.
Miss A have been my idol, especially Min with her strong explosive moves.
I would really like to achieve that kind of standard and will try my best (:
I was kind of afraid how people would judge me because im dancing a girl group dance alone , 
since girls does guy group dances, why not the other way round? :/
++ this set of moves are more like fierce then the super over cutesy kind for guys , so i think it should be fine.
& many kpop idols (males) also LOVE girl group dances ,like me, and i dont see why i should be laughed at.

Definitely, it would be a challenge to learn dancing (alone thru tutorials) and during the period of my final exams. Whats worse is that I have long limbs to add on to the visual distraction ( heh ); )

Shall try my best to impress the judges. Whether i do get into the finals or not, I shall let the judges decide (:

Friday, July 29, 2011


Still awed by the chio hair colour i had last time hehe :D
On the bright side my wiglike black hair has faded to a natural singaporean brown, so.....  WOHU !!! (:

Recently made some major decisions in life that could change my life.
Whether it will work out or not, I will let fate decide and I dont think that anything would be put to waste.
In life we learn experience through goodtimes & badtimes, so not all things are bad.
Its just that we have to look things in a better perspective to sieve the good out from the bad.

&& admist the crazy months of tests + presentation + audition + reports I realised that i have excellent time management. I think if u always plan ahead , time management is not a problem.
Set minigoals for yourself and makesure u can accomplish it, even if  procrastination sets in. (:

Signing Off

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I just want to esay that...

I used to have LONG HAIRRRRR ((:

Dug out all these old photos that 80% has never been used before and photoshopped it.
There were like 50% of the pics in the album which couldnt make it hahha.
Guess its not easy for a guy to look good with that kinda length.
&& i think its easy for a guy to be mistaken to be a girl with that length.
even i myself also got stunned when i reviewed the pics ;o

LONG Hair on me YAY/ NAY? :D
I think its more like yay because i tink it looks fab (:
Yes im a 24/hrs non stop whining asshole because i have short black hair now. HAHA );
Just lemmi look at these photos and indulge and pretend as if i have shoulder length hair can?


I think my photoshop skills has also improved because im more into layers now :3
I think i shall post random posts from now on, because they gimi inspiration to suddenly blog hehe :D

Signing off

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jasmine and I

Need to camwhore nice nice pics (:

The mirror shows how i pivot my hand when taking camwhore pics hahha


Stylo hair (:

Ready to go!

Met jasmine for dinner at saizeriya (;

The crazy girl hahaha :3

I look tan here LOL

Really bored while waiting for our foodies :3

I can has small face. (:

Pork patty wif bacon (:

Gratin ((:

We also got chicken wings && mussels :D

&& Escargots!! 

My take on artificial shots!!

And hereeee :D

Jasmine's take on artsy food shots!

We walked to esplanade hoping to sit on the comfy seats and chat our way through (:
Bought Mac Milkshakes otw to the place.
We couldnt find seats at first but we eventually got to it :D

Kinda unglam bud my hair became more silky because i used the Liese heat damage water before straightening my hair (:

My fat thighs 

Told her to camwhore whenever i was adjusting my hair LOL

Haopengyous !

Tried the angle to have high nosebridge and defined cheek bones

Take 2 !

Last pic of the dayyyy :D

We took so many pics and I filtered alot hahhaa.
Thanks Jasmine for goin out together! ((;
We should hang out soon again :D

On a random note, i have cut my hair kinda short and black.
Not niceeeeeee ><