Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cathy Doll Eyebrow Products

Hello once again ! I am going to introduce to you all some eyebrow products!! 
For me, drawing my eyebrows has always been a problem. 
Ever had undefined brows, or patchy/ shorter brows? ): ( I feel you)
I suffer from shorter eyebrows which ends the same length as my eyes.
In order to have a better proportion, the eyebrows should extend a little more by about 1/3 of the length. This helps to frame up the face!

First step it will be drawing your eyebrows!

Cathy Doll Triple Eyebrow Designing (3g) $14.90 

- Natural Brown -

I personally think that this is a handy item to have as it is really compact! Plus I like that they come with a guide on where to fill your brows "A/B/C" so you can apply the shade accordingly. 
It also comes with a small sharp brush to aid drawing your brows and a fluffier one to help to blend.
After getting your brows done, it is important to match your brows to the same shade as your hair!
Or coating it with a Eyebrow Cara to brush your brows neatly.

Cathy Doll Eyebrow Cara (6.8ml) $12.50

I love this product because I can now easily match my hair colour (brown shade) to my eyebrows without bleaching them. A word of caution though, do give time for this product to dry before touching it. As it is a coat, it takes a little time to dry (:  
Also do, you know that eyebrows with a shade lighter helps to give a youthful face?
Do not coat your eyebrows too dark as it can come off as dramatic!

The combined look is as shown~~ :D

So if you are interested! You can pop by their website at and do check out their latest promotions on theirFacebook & Instagram (@karmartsclubsingapore)!

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cathy Doll Lip Smile Lip Perfume

Hello y'all!! Today I am going to introduce a lip product!
I am sure you all have heard of lip gloss, lip bum, but have you heard of Lip Perfume?!
The scent of this lip perfume is really amazing and not only it smiles good, it helps to moisturize your lips!

There are 4 'Flavours' to choose from.
They are Peach, Dragon Fruit, Lime&Citrus & Green Apple.

Within the 4 selection, my favourites are the Dragonfruit & Green Apple.

Cathy Doll Lip Smile - Lip Perfume Green Apple Vit E (5g) $12.50
For me the green apple is like the classic.
The basic scent that most people will like as this scent reminds me of like Qoo Grape or something.
There is a sense of familiarity and of course it is very sweet in smell.

Cathy Doll Lip Smile - Lip Perfume Dragon Fruit Vit B (5g) $12.50

This is my favorite scent! I Love LOVE LOVE this scent! It is really weird because I didn't expect dragon fruit to smell so sweet and lovely. In terms of holding power of scent, I think dragon fruit beats most of the others hands down, except probably Lemon Citrus which is good as well (but only for people who likes refreshing scent)  

In terms of application, you just need to put a small amount of the product onto the lips. The only bad part about this is that there is no applicator or what so ever, so you will need to use your fingers to apply it on. People who are OCD, may not like it. But then again, if you clean your fingers before applying it, its alright.

In terms of moisturizing power,  it is pretty decent. But what I liked is that there are different Vitamins added in different product to help to lips. Presence of Vitamins B & E are important so as to prevent chapped lips.

In terms of holding power, as it is a balm, it will slowly fade throughout the day as you drink or eat. But personally I think that , when I need to reapply I will do so (:

So if you are interested! You can pop by their website at and do check out their latest promotions on theirFacebook & Instagram (@karmartsclubsingapore)!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cathy Doll What Eye Want

Hello all! 
 I have some interesting products to introduce (:  They are the Eyecare Series from Cathy Doll!
As we all know that the eye & undereye area is delicate and requires much attention. Especially for people like me that uses contact lens daily, we tug our under eye often!
This prolonged action may hasten the appearance of fine lines and eventually wrinkles(*yikes*)! Also for those ladies who draws eyeliner and tug your eyes, you can't escape this tragedy from happening!

You may think that you are young and abuse your eyes but let me tell you, once these lines form, you are one step closer to looking like this!

Therefore there are a few Eye Care Products to solve this problems!
 To cover or to lift, that is the question.

Firstly, I will be introducing the primer!
Cathy Doll What Eye Want Eye Miss You Eye Primer (15g) $12.50

This product is good as a base before your makeup
So after the usual. toner & moisturizer, you can take a pea sized amount and dab around the eye area~~
This primer helps to lengthen the duration of your makeup on your eye area! Products like, eye shadow, concealer and eyeliner can be used on top of it after application! I have used this and realised that my panda eyes seem less visible just after application

For those who would like to use an eyecream before and after you sleep this next product would be ideal for you!

 Cathy Doll What Eye Want Eyemazing Eye Cream (15ml) $18.90
Put a pea-sized amount after your normal skin care routine! I personally use this before I sleep because I do have fine lines around my undereye. This unique ingredient black pearls (not the one in bubble tea), help to lift the eyes and make it seems more youthful. Fine lines are very hard to cure, and therefore I feel that this product requires some time for the result to be more prominent.

Within 3 minutes, I don't see my fine lines reducing, but I definitely see a slight tautness and brighter eyes (:

&& lastly, for those who have tired eyes throughout the day, here is one product that you be interested in!

Cathy Doll What Eye Want Eye's Cream Eye Cooling Sun Balm (6g) $17.50

I personally love using this product when my eyes are tired. One swab across my eye and you can feel a lightweight cooling sensation! It also contains SPF30 PA++ which means that this acts as a sunblock for your undereyes! This is really important as you may not know, but direct contact with sunlight does expedite the formation of fine lines & wrinkles!!

So with all this products, I am one step closer to brighter and youthful eyes! (: 

So if you are interested! You can pop by their website at and do check out their latest promotions on theirFacebook & Instagram (@karmartsclubsingapore)!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Body Care

Hello you all! I am really excited to share this series of body care series from Cathy Doll.
A little about me, I love love loveeee Strawberry Milk. 
And when I realised that they actually had this Strawberry Milk infused Bodycare Series from Cathydoll, I was looking forward to review this! 
How awesome would it be to do a strawberry milkbath? (*inserts happy face*)
 I have received the Body Shower Mousse & Body Lotion respectively!
Let's talk about the Body Mousse first!
 Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Body Shower Mousse(350ml) $15.00

Apart from the smell (which is omg wonderful), this body mousse foams up very well! Look at how well it stuck onto my hand upside down!

This is a wonderful body mousse to use, which is a cool alternative to our usual body wash. Usage of mousse is slightly lighter and maybe better for people who has sensitive skin. Additionally, the white Strawberries has properties that brightens and whitens the skin! SO, it is not just for show or gimmicky. It is a shower mousse which allows you to smell good, and look good when you step out of the bathroom (:

Next! After showering, what do you think is required? Let us move on the the body lotion shall we?
 Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Body Lotion (450ml) $15.00

It is good to put on body lotion after a shower as the pores may be open. The lotion penetrates into the skin and helps to nourish the body. && obviously from the smell (which is slightly like dutch lady milk , strawberry flavoured) it is leaves you feeling sweet smelling and fresh. It is a leave on body lotion so you do not need to wash it off. This product is also recommended for people with dry skin, so that the milk component helps to moisturize the skin.

So , you heard so much about brightening, and whitening.
Let us put it to a test!
 Application on my right hand!
And tadah the difference!
Based on a 1 application, it is definitely not a very dramatic tan & fair difference (as most pictures shows).
However, I do note that my left side veins look more obvious compared to the right.
And also, the right side does look brighter
Therefore, I think through a longer duration of usage, the results will be more prominent (:

So if you are interested! You can pop by their website at and do check out their latest promotions on their Facebook & Instagram (@karmartsclubsingapore)!

Signing off,