Sunday, August 26, 2007

more kawaii stuffs (:

Hey lil kitten ! (:

comfy bed...(:

trying to digest the notes?

defying gravity..

tummy rub*

staring at the stars

gingerLicious :3

ur elegant paw..

sleepyheadd >.<
ppr's coming out soon
FAILED 3 subs... scaredd retain sigh........
lost my wushu tee-shirt andd cant get another replacement DIE!.
learning jap simple ones (: actually i know afew from animes LOL.
still gort 2 trigo test DUNCH u tink dat dat person is insane.. -.-
the lil kitten on the first pic was a wild..
it was scampering widd 2 other cats which i tink dat dey r siblings
looks soooooo cute budd i had to go to skool.. ):
couldnt take the pic of the other 2 super active and afraid of humans..
i guessed their mum PANGSEheDD dem ): poor lil kittens

Sunday, August 19, 2007

farnie stuffs :3

caught red handed PLAYING in the wardrobe!!!

a 70% resemblance of mike

watcha lookin at? (:

dats when ginger gets too near and gets very cute (:
crushed!! and the culprit has a nametag on it hmmm......

ur almost falling!! how can u smile at tis point of time -.-!!!!

the model like SMILE (: and hes found a heart wow?
tis whole week was quite tough...
in the sense dat dere was like TEST everydae
oh yar andd i was almost late on fridae..
woke up at 6.45 wow..
rushed to school den dere wasnt assembly
budd dere was class duty
cuz i rushed to school
a bit sweaty liao stupid *z*L*na
ask mi do duty i perspire like craxy ):

LOvE cats always.. INCLUDING DOGS LAH -.- (:

Friday, August 10, 2007

cute stuffs (:

the cute pose (:

wad u lookin at? pose

whoa super delicious rated 5 stars i tell u (:

my prince -> chocolate (:

tis siamese makes my heart melts xD

whoa big pupil u have over dere

hey tis photo wasnt edited he loooked so CUTE!

his pupil is incredibly BIGG (:

chua Be eR 's true identity (:

cut hair.. looked TOOT!

ate alot tis week

got pang sehhed tis week also..

<3 PRINCE choco andd PRINCESS ginger (:

Friday, August 03, 2007

loads of things

hello kitty (:

the beach~

jiayin's finger -.-

the shaky bus ride! i swear it wasnt my fingers

a snap shot of the boring ride xD

the broken spoon (lousy quality)

the bottom view

the side view xD

those were pictures of wadd happened tis weeek.
had bury the hachet widd one tooth aledi (:
and yea 3 pics of the lousy quality spoon i gort from dat uncle again!
i broke it 2 times somore -.-
i tink uncle u beta change supplier of the spoon
the pics of the beach and the ride is our ciP
and i was to give out fliers...
and tis is wadd i would sae
'Sir/mdm~. thank you for standing on the rite track'
response of horrible ppl will be
' HUH WADS TIS? ORH.... (walk away)'
'NONONO NONONO NONONO (-.- i havent said anything)'
dere was tis euro lady who gort the flier and started laughin
guess it wasnt common hUH -.-