Sunday, March 25, 2007

eventful weekendd

l0lz... 0kay~ FRIDAEE~
luckily it wasnt the 13th? huh nahh jkjk (: stayed back with member so wushu and chinese dance cuz g0rt parents meetin sessi0n.. rite.. my parents n0rt g0in i als0 nid attend... sucked.. i helped some prefects to carry and arrange the fo0d... after dat we entered the staff ro0m and (lao yan yan) la0 yan bo0n reprimanded mi hanqi charlt0n chua ha0?(spell lidat?) and lina

"n0 pupils 0f any reas0n sh0uld step inside the staff ro0m"
dam u bludDy dUm dUm helpin u u sc0ld mi fine u pMs urr pr0b.after the speech by (laoyanyan) la0 yan bo0n charlt0n father dr0ve mi h0me!!(: yay n0rt invaded by rain and i did n0t take 0ut my h0ly umbrella~~ (in fact i was lazy t0 tAKE 0ut)..

deN! saturDae
my elder sis asked mi bring her slippers to gramps h0use larhh s0 she caan change 0ut 0f her painful high heelS? den i put it in plastic bag s0mething mysteri0us happened.. in the lift i had her slipers in a plastic bag when i reached the car it was g0ne... i t0t i left it at h0me budd i c0uldnt find it... argh im really s0rry dat i l0se ur sh0e sis... s0 s0rry and thnks f0r st0ppin mi t0 buy u an0ther c0nverse sh0e like dat 1 i l0st.

n0W! suNdaE
an0ther fine day widd duccKKie my c0usi0n we were d0in hw and we decided t0 buy a piggie bank and we save up the m0ney t0 buy bags t0ggether... h0w nice(: h0pefully we can mit up nxt saturdae t0 buy same piggi bank s0 we planned t0 save up 1 d0lar a day and den h0pefully by june we w0uld get ard 60 d0llars n0rt bad rite? why dun ppl wh0s readin this try my meth0d its fun! (: dats all f0lks bye!~ budd i tink i splattered a l0ad 0f writing 0n this bl0g h0pe u w0uldnt get b0redd~

0h by the way (yanyan) wadd a girly name u have

Saturday, March 17, 2007

tHe cAts

tHe enthusiaStIc aRh BeRh(aMber)
bel0ved d0u Ji Yan ): (eVe)

the kawaii zaBaLank(: (gurlgurl)

the cutey AH GIN(ginger)

shyness 0r wad??(hershey and milky)


meM0rabLe day

A prezzie which ying hui gave

weee a present lina gave mii

a mem0rable day.. why? cuz im bl0gging again? NO!!its becuz al0t 0f ppl went 0ut t0gether and it might b the last time g0ing 0ut s0 it has t0 be mem0rable.. th0se ppl are , HaN qI ,sAmueL, Mi!, cHarLt0n.. YingHuI, LiNa, cHarMaiNe annd JuNe.

waD?D? cultural mix between wushu and chinese dance?.. can say s0. we had a mix camp and it was fun(especially mi bl0wing whistles and spinnin the whistles 0ver my head)weeee.. =x

fIrstly.. swEns0ns

i ate chicken baked rice.. smell f0ul.. i t0ld a manager he changed it f0r mi hes s0 kind budd i feel darned ashamed u n0e.. malu like hell i was alm0st like the last 1 eating budd it was nice especially the ice cream

Nxtly we went t0 dh0uby gh0ud
saw junZehh (3B) haha didnt expect t0 c him i GAMed my way t0 a fIRst in a machine muahahaha l0lz s0 dum farnie.. wasted 9 bucks th0ugh.. 0h well..

Thirdly we wen t0 beacH r0add
ate s0meting near c0nc0urse mine wad vietnam style seafo0d black pepper fried vermicelli -.= l0ng name and t00k the l0ngest t0 c0me.. a bit nice budd n0 sea fo0d -.= G0RT NICE NICE SEAFO0DD FISHcake CRABmeat and a piece 0f stingy chicken..

Lastly went t0 tuiti0n
sc0lDed bluddy dum dum al0t 0f times (: hahas and homedd

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


w0w... t0dae, there is jogathon..
we have waited for like 1-2 hours under the hot hot sun to run.. i had a bad scratch on my knee i tink i would walk barhh. walked with nichole, han qi charlton and jason f0r 2 mins and dey started running.
i was like wtf!! @$#^$#@^&*@^@#
ok i brisked walk to like 1/4 of the track den

the peeps of scouts and ncc were like

'boi ! dun walk la so short still walk!!'
i said..
' people leg injured u wat u wan'

hehe den dey kept quiet.. den i run st0p.. run st0p when reach finshing p0int i heard vanessa cheering f0r mi thanx!~ (: suddenly she said.. wheres ur green tag?
i pointed my 2nd finger as i make like a ring larhh so farnie she was liek diao.. went bowling i pawned every 1 and dey nid t0 pay mi 2 d0llar f0r l0sin reach h0me when i bathed i realise my skin red red!! sht larh stupid sun sunnburnn lerhh.....

btw jogathon anyhow als0 can get under 20 mins ?f0r fun runners lar (: