Sunday, March 27, 2011

CNY day 2 2011

Messy room :x

Okay woke up early on the 2nd day, like 9am? ));
Bathed, styled my hair and rushed off to 4-5 different places.


4 & 8 years apart :D

Visiting was fun as usual, GET MORE ANGPAO :3
There wasnt steamboat at my 3rd aunt's house which was kinda disappointing somehow.
Although i hated it normally in the past years, i kinda long for it this time round :x

There was this ala carte buffet thingy and there was this long octopus lookalike thing.
I didnt wanna take it because it looked weird.
My elder sister slabbed a pile for me && to my disgust it was salted vegetables.

Im not against salted vegetables BUT, this 1 was super SALTY.
As if there was like 4 scoops of salt in every mouth, so bad u eat tofu & it still tastes like seawater.
I thought i was the only one who felt this way but i heard some relatives and my family feeling the same.

i deduce that the salted vegetables are not safe for human consumption LOL.

Then i went to gramps house and being bored, i started camwhoring :D

Good sunlight by the see saw :D

As i was camwhoring on the old seesaw, a spider dropped on me.
I flicked it away and went out of the seesaw, inspecting the sides.
To my horror, i realised it was infested with spiderwebs & dead flying insects. 

I quickly went somewhere else to take pictures, e.g the bench nearby

Attempted to kiss fat kitty hahaha :D (my hair looks so nice here ((: )

Btw i dont feel hot & i was wearing a black singlet underneath

Dao cat with chio eyes 8)

Then duck came to join me, she came back from walking the dog with my elder sister.

Pic with kitty :D

We can has fair skin :3

Wind blowing

Small nose fair skin :D

We ran out of poses literally and i suggested doing Handsign 1-5 poses!

ONE! (i look fat fml)



FOUR! (okay funny looking hand ikr)
FIVEEE :D (my fingers very long i noe :/)

Duck and fat kitty (:

Last bud not least springroll & prawn that came at night ! (:

Watched shows and played monopoly deal & bridge til we had to go home ):

Well i didnt do anything on the 3rd day because, there was nothing to do.
So i stayed at home and studied, yes the final papers were near the corner then.
I was in like pajamas and when some relatives came.
I panicked and stoned , luckily my sister opened the door and i changed into better looking clothes.


Oh wells, extra angpoh yea.

Signing Off

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CNY Eve & Day 1 2011

(Super late post for cny! still got sequel to this haha)
I did my small part in helping my mama bake cookies hehe :D
Also made a kazue cookie (which btw was thrown away by the maid -.- , tsk)

My sister from far mistaken this as shit.

Walao, saying that ur food creation looks like shit is dam heart pain 1 lor. tsk.
Anyways we had shiok steamboat as usual on cny eve :D

Fresh prawns hehe

Korean pork is loveeeee :D

Blur pic of the spread of food

I love to eat quail eggs :D

Then we slept & woke up at like 11am ?
First day was super slack, because i only have to visit my mother's side, which is to go katong basically
Like we were dam carefree, unlike some other people LOL.
So, we took our time, my mum cooked some nice dishes and we ate lunch.

Stir-fried kimchi with rice cakes , fried chicken wings & pot of good stuffs.

'Buddha jump over the wall'

And as most of u should know i have to wear something yellow on day 1 for good luck.
so the best i could find was ..

THIS! At queensway hehe :D

With super duper chio hair (arghhhh, my hair damaged like shit now ); )

Went to gramps house and camwhored with my best cousionsss!

Duck, Prawn & Vege(me) :D

Collected many angpaos and then we camped and stoned.
We hid at the bedroom and we played with duck's guitar

Teaching and Learning enthusiastically

While me and chunhui(springroll) camwhored hehhee

The guitar girls. (whoa like potential name for some debut group LOL)

Chio side profile of prawnieee

Then winnie come and disturb us when we taking pictures hahah.
Then we took pictures, too!

Prawn, winnie, me ;D

We purposely squeezed her, but it appeared otherwise lol.

Now for the main 4 cousions :D

Too bad springroll was out of frame

SO bored, we did the 喜怒哀乐 poses!
I very anal on the poses, u will noe why later haha

Satisfactory ! :D

This was supposed to be angry pose!

Me and duck's expressions were like saying

I was like , huh if someone slapped you, thats the face you will give?
HAHHA, so we took another picture.

Duck looks abit off pic this time, oh well

Then next picture was 哀 , which is sad.
Haha self explanatory

She was smiling!! LOL
Asked to take another picture again

Better pic i guess haha :D

And i think the trick to do 乐 is to show your teeth haha

After camwhoring until my battery is flat, we booked tickets and watched 
Mr & Mrs incredible

NONO, not this but.


The movie was hilarious!! At least for me.
Lots of corny dirty jokes + some fighting scenes hahaha :D

I feel that Louis Koo should get a younger acting partner
so dat he might feel less awkward acting intimate with.
The intimate actions werent awkward , I was just thinking that Wu JunRu could be too 'matured' for him to be a couple hahah.

Hilarious couple nonetheless! :D
Staytuned for stay 2 :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chunhui's Birthday

Camwhore with super cool lighting!! (aka SUNLIGHT)

I look at that picture EVEN i also feel that the pic is incredible lor.
U know why? Because it looks nothing like me.
I swear before p.sing it was already of this standard, i cleared my dark eye circles only!

The angle and lighting 太好了! (wipes tear*)

U know where is this? IN THE LIFT !

Spirit of a camwhore, take pictures when people are not around hahha :D

Cousion's birthday present.

What more to get for a secondary school kid?
I believe his friends would go

(okay exaggerated use of slang, who noes they might talk like that next time)

Okay in any case, the plan was for me, chunhui, duck and prawn to meet at gramps house before we leave.
So i reached extra early to wrap present and wait for prawnn.
AND I WAS TOO BORED, so i took pics with the kitties & doggehs

Fighting food with queenie! (could be cappuccino)

This black cat lick himself from xiao 黑 to xiao 灰
he licked/cleaned himself excessively from black to grey hair

Chester loves me yes i know :3 (basically he's okay with everyone)

Dao kitty dun wann my kiss ):

Fat Kitty looking DSLR-ish why so unfair! ):

After a while, prawn came and gave me something!

Not queenie, but this box . EIGHTEEN LOL (:

She bought me a universal studio mug with 3 letters

Queenie loves boxes, oh yes she does :o

Hard time fixing the pieces with the fan on (almost got tricked with this is wrong!)

Fixed the other side haha

Still i am very grateful that she actually gave me a super belated present,
its the thoughts that counts! :D
Even though its like close to 6 months & she last minute wrote the letter.
BUT!! She still spent time for me, that aspect is good enough. 

Sincerity was heartfelt, thanks PRAWN couzzieeee :D!!!

Shot before we went to WARAKU casual dining

From what i know its a little different from the usual waraku.!
Its more japanese with like sushi and all :o

We walked our way there :o


Late duck and chunhui :D

Octopus(raw) with wasabi sauce.

Starting i was very skeptical of this dish.
Like so weird and so slimy.

But once you tried it, its like super addictive!
The wasabi was sweet and alil spicy , raw octopus was oceanly sweet and savory too!
Fresh octopus ftw :3

Prawn & vege

Duck with her dyed hair & big bowl of cream udon.

Okay basically all 4 of us got cream udon and the bowls were HUGEEE.

Chunhui & his scallops cream udon

Someone's prawns cream udon. Must be prawns'!

My salmon cream udon ! :D

Comparison, plus my oh-so-old phone

Ehh seems like prawn's 1 is seafood cream udon.

4 bowls of ridiculously big udon.

Generous fish roe

And i mean it!

The cream udon was fab, it was like mushroom soup with udon somehow :/
Okay the fish roe was interesting for me at first.
After like 10 pops, i got sick of the taste.
So weird i threw it into my cousions' bowls.

&& i think the big bowl had its own special function.
It was to prevent spills && maybe make u think that u ate alot but you ate very little.
You know it works like magic for those anorexic ppl.
But for this case, the portion was ridiculously huge, so it didnt matter ><

Okay we left waraku with huge tummies back to gramps house

I purposely smile like him, OMG we look alike la
Queenie's attempt to struggle

Okay the random camwhore was to distract him while prawn & duck got his...



Happy boy here

Group pic :D

I love u all cousions :D

His  wrapped present! :D

Fat lane with humongous pupils lazy around in the room too

Cakes from Emicakes!

I seem like a loyal fan on Emi cakes.
ITS EGGLESS SOMORE, what more can u ask for hohoho :D

&& we randomly got bored and made a souffle again! 
(seems like the tradition to make a souffle for someone's birthday hahahaha )

Coolios :D

THIS time we tried something special.
We topped it off with.



Strawberry cheesecake!

Bud kinda fail because the chocolate taste abit too strong hahhaha :D
VERY SWEET and nice nonetheless!

Happy 14th birthday chunhui ! Hope u had fun. (omg so young la)

Signing Off