Thursday, December 31, 2009

CountDown 2009 (:

We were supposed to meet at ard 6 plus at chinatown.
Clar, weiyi, Tionglin & jay went to watch chipmunks , i didnt tag along cos i watched le :/
Den waited for a long while & phoned dem.
They told me dey were walking from city hall to chinatown so i went to 'Pan in the box'
Got myself a kuroshitsuji anime shirt which later spurred me to watch that anime. haha (:
Den waited for super duper long before they alighted.
We walked to the steamboat shop and we sat down.
Took some time to get the drinks and we went all out to fill our stomachs ((;

Food grabbed (:

There's even maggee mee on the table.

Awesome cheesetofu, sausages and meatballll ((:

Pepper chicken ( very nicely marinated :D )

Random poultry ;o

So healthy ehh? Even have got greens ;o

Weiyi (:

Junjieeee (:

Stuffed tionglin ((:

Clarisa :D

Then i was quite feel aft a while.
Until i ate prawns.
IDK why, bud when i started eating prawns, i became dam hungry.
I ate like platefuls of prawn.
While the rest ate quite alot watermelon.

As it looked so tempting, i tried some watermelons and i felt quite full :/
Soon it was like a watermelon contest and we ate many many watermelons.
Got those passerby comment until like theres no 2mlo lor -.-

Alot riteeeee? :D

Then we were tinking of where to countdown so we went decided to go to vivo.
We took bus down and we went to giant to have some drinks to acc us.
&& we decided to drink JUICE and nt alcohols like some pai kias LOL ;o
&& the juice dam cheap lorrr!
Like 1 bottle 1 bucks 99 cents nia!
&& if u bought 10 at once u could have saved 10 cents u noe~ :x
So we went to the exterior of vivo and camped.
Talked some stories abt AH WU, Miss X & Mr Pock :D
Den we felt a lil of rain and went into the sheltered area.

Sat down and it was like 10 mins to 2010.
We took turns to say which events we liked & it musnt repeat );
After dat ppl was like 5..4...3...2...1 !!
We HAPPY NEW YEAR-ED and shook each others' hands vigorously lol.
Den we walked inside vivo and sat at the bench.

Den we went to mac to slack.
It was dam crowded and we took quite some time to find seats.
There was this unique couple standing at a corner la.
The guy was helping the gal to put eyeliner, fake eyelashes & prolly makeup.
That attracted many unwanted attention & many ppl were like staring.
We finshed our food/icecream, discussed outing and we went out.
There was this girl puking like a fountain. LOL
Thats one of the reason why i abstain frm alcohol :/
We walked home as it was like 2am already ( Except for jay as his dad drove himm)

Walked the longer but safer route home.
Happy 2010 all. Sorry for the late post haha (:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

EOY ((:

While walking on the road.


Guess who's behind the mask ? :o

Some random shots (:

Okay i am too lazy to upload those like 200-300 pics so i will do a very wordy post. :D
I used my normal grey contacts for my cosplay.
Went to bugis to find Ginnette & xueni.
We walked to some shaw place to put on the costume and wig.
I went to the toilet and shit before wearing the costume LOL.
Hey i did clean my hands before i changed okay (:

Thenthen, i wore my uniform and shoes && wig.
The wig is always the hardest part lah.
Look-ed like a crazy professor( as always) after putting on the wig.
Then i waited for ginnette to come out and find me.
Den we went to the stairway area to do more final touches.
Xue ni helped wif my wig && beanie & sprayed hairspray. ( thanks alot!)
I have done xmas cards for puik & xueni bud i failed to bring it on that day )):
Waited for puik's arrival and helped her wif her wig and uniform
After we were done we went out to bugis national library.
Had weird looks on the way there LOL.

Thenthen, we walked into the entrance and had this UV tattoo.
Joshua JACKAL came too ;o
But the space inside was too small and we left the place to take photos. ( thanks qing)
Posed and had funnnnn :D
Tingyu & Wendy & Jasmine & Angeline came and we took more pics.
Sally & yokie came as well.
This tobi person yusri was ginnette's fren ;o
So fun lah, playing wif the bleach mask, sword and hats LOL.
&& we attracted lots of attention by doing jump shots haha :D

When it wasa about 6-7 we changed out and we went to have diner wifout puik
Seagull sandwich was really intriguing lor (:
Then took bus 175 home wif ginnette.
On the way someone asked us how to go simlim when i stoned ( as usual LOL)

Homed and slackeeeedddd (:
Shall blog some leftover pics another time (:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ying birthday & christmas prezzie (:

Went to the soup spoon with yinghui and lina.

Ham & Cheese Sandwichh :D

Her pseudo birthday cakeeee :D

Yinghui & her cakeee
Acting like shes blowing the cakeee :D

Taking the candles out of the cake.

Lina ,yinghui and me went out on 27th sunday to celebrate ying's belated bdae
We went to soup spoon at bugis after walking around bugis street.
Ordered mushroom soup and cheese& ham sandwich.
Gossiped alot with lina and yinghui.
Talked alot about qtss && they realised how dark the world was :3 ( inside joke)

Then i hinted lina to get the cake.
Lina act as if she had to go to the toilet & got a random green tea cake at Breadtalk.
Then she came back and gave yinghui the cake.
Lol, there was also a candle but there wasnt any lighter.
Then we ate the cake together and had some fun taking pics (:

We went to bugis' arcade and played some games.
Obviously i played fighting games && after that they came to join me.
Owned all of them LOL. DEn we went to walk around at iluma.
Den i suggested to go to bentendo cafe to eat huge ice cream ;o
We bought this contender ((:

The contender!! (:

The length of the spoon.

Lina candid shot :D
Yinghui's candid shot (:

Yinghui & meee :D

Then, we walked to clark quay and walked around the wulu shops.
I bought this cute teee shirt at 10 bucks.
Bud i saw someone who wore it at another day -.-
After dat we went to chinatown to visit spiderman's shop.
Played tekken and played it wif yinghui and the shop owners.
After a while yinghui left & subsequently we left for home.


Snoki from Rebecca :D
The ass wif my name on it :/

Lina's bear sushi roll :D

Ginnette's handmade doll wif my name on it.

ALVIN Snow globeeee (:

Brittany Snowglobeee (;

Simon SnowGlobeee (;

Theodore Snowglobeee (:

kop-ed from g.v :D
Super belated birthday to yinghui :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas count down at weiling housee (:

Went to plaza sing to get turkey& logcake for our xmas countdown :D
Bought turkey and maggee mee for our dinner.
Bought some drinks as well.
We were Q-ing up den when it was about to be our turn we realised we were Q-ing at some visa priority queue -.-
We had to queue for another 15 mins or so.
We took bus back to weiling's houseee :D
We were trying our best to wrap the green care bear on the bus but to no avail.

Green or Grin?

Took some pics of green and grin who differs by just a mere speck :D
Only our clique noes where it is (;
Played wif green and grin & styled their hair to differenciate them :D
Then, we played monopoly cards version & everyone was complaining how unlucky they were onli at the first round .
When it was around 7plus, we were dam hungry and we started executing the turkey :D
Weiyi & Jayjay were 花瓶-es :3
At first we were using the knife to chop out the meat.
As we proceed to the bony parts, we couldnt extract any meat out.
So , we used our bare hands to pluck out the meat.
&& sometimes we were to hungry we ate the turkey meat.
Well, it was cooked already but chilled, but it still tastes great ;D

Turkey and weird hammm :D
Made into 5 bowls of turkey meat :D

&& lotus root like ham ;o
Chop chop somore :D
Toasting the turkey :D
Golden brown meatttt :D
Our mageee :D
&& 5 packs of seasoning.
Big pot of nooodlesss :D
Awesomeee dinner :D

I was really full when the noodles were served.
Becos i had ate some cold turkey on the way.
We ate the food and accopanied it wif cold drinks.
It was so heart warming like some family ehh?
Thenn after a long while we ate the logcake.
Right before yuening & her sis came ;x

Present exchanging timeeee ;D
Tl got 7 gatchapons from disney for us.
I got mickey in black and white yay :D !
Nice riteeee?
Now to my carebear's colour and personality..
Its turquiose and its 'thanks alot'!
Carebear family :D
With green and grin and the mini carebears (:
Them wif their coloured heart feets ;o

Yuening and her sis came.
We gossiped alot on 'Malay's ambassador & Ferredoxin Reductase'
Some gossips are still as stunning and fun to tok about .
We went to fairprice or smthing wanting to get alcohol.
However it was already like 2am and they onli sell alcohol until like 11pm or smthing.
Thus no alcohol ( yays ) :D

Sat down at this remote place and we started playing 10 cent coin.
Yuening joined the very-easy-to-spot-that-u-have-the coin-group wif clar.
Sometimes they even passed leaves, twigs & handphones LOL.
We played til it was close to 330 and we decided to go back to weiling's house to slack.
We had this donuts from yuexuan( aunty lam's sister)
Apparently it was kinda like her birthday gift. :/
Oh btw happy birthday yue xuan! :x

We walked to queensway mac to settle our breakfast.
On the way i realised that Radin Mas pri community is so.. talented (except me)
&& like theres more connection like who's fren or whos' bf is actually from radin mas.
Really stunned lah...

After that we went home after chatting & gossiping.
Took 195 home wif tionglin,jay,clar and weiyi && tionglin & jay fell asleep!
Went to sleep at around 8am and woke up around 2pm to go to work.