Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back from malaysia

the black things are mudskippers o.o

coconut pudding :D
slept in this bunk

Cute dark-blue fur dog which looks like a wolf

The amount i ate for supper ;x

To correct all my errors i repeat, the place i visited was Kukup :D
Not mekong or smthing ;x
OMG, ate 5 meals a day.
Breakfast - 7Am
Supper Supper- 10pm

My goodness,and most meals had prawns.
Ate about 30-40 prawns a day :x
Played ping pong over dere, althou i didnt reli noe how :/
Bought 4 tops over dere, shopping was fun :D
Sian cant countdown wif cousions,family & skl mates );
Gota work til 2am today.
On the bright side,i gona countdown wif my colleagues :D
Gonna be a whole new experience :D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Before the trip (;

Leaving in approximately half an hour's time.
Yawnns, slept at 1 and woke at 6.
Still feel energetic thou :D!!
Gonna have a whale of a time at malaysia.
Oh yah my correction, it isnt kuay long.
Its mekong or something, whatever it is it sounds a bit funny :D

Friday, December 26, 2008

Venture on another journey

Neater table ;D

4 yr's worth of booksjunks :D
Did throw alot of things today.
Like pokemon cards,crayons,tys-es,testpapers,files,dictionaries,books and many more.
That rubbish dere weighs around 20kg, i had a tough time pulling it );
Alright, some news ppl.
Im going to kuay long, tis weird place in malaysia for a holiday.
2days 1 night, not dat awesome rite? :/
Leaving at 6am 2mlo , yawnns );
Hope i come back peacefully (;
I still wanna meet my frens and get a new phone ):<

yinghui's birthday (;

Birthday girl cutting cake :D

Happy 16th birthday ( like finally :D)

Candid at seoul garden (;

4 of us at charlton's church :D

Candle lighting ceremony (;

Me and lina (:

Yinghui and charlton (:

Candid again!!:D

On 24th, yinghui,lina,charlton & me went to marina to cele ying's birthday.
We wanted to go kbox at first, bud it was way too exp.
25 bucks wor = 6 hour's pay :D
Went to arcade to play instead.
After playing, we went to seoul garden to eat.
Gosh, ate til i was so dam full.
We asked one of the worker to take pic for us.
Bud when he said '1.. 2.. 3.. '
I was laughing like mad, his voice was quite funny :x

Went to expo to watch charlton's church, again (;
Tis time, i went willingly. xD
It was dam 'Squeeshy' thou :/
Lots of ppl as usual, especially very high ones :/
There was self intro as usual and i talk alot of crap.
Lemmi name some classic ones (;
Guy: First time u see so many ppl coming together for
such an event rite?

Me: No leh, concert also lidat wad.
Guy: ... ...

Guy: You dont look like a singaporean.
Me: Of course! IM from SI CHUAN! (:

After church, went to cut cake at lina's house, downstairs.
Not forgettin us eating mac at the same place :/
Cake was nice, and lina was afraid of cats ;o
Cabbed home wif charlton and yinghui (;
The end :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Prawn's mini celebration

Her 18th birthday celebration :D

taking pics wif trees :D

Tummy revealed ;o

writing down 18 cat's names :D
Playing the super faulty skate scooter :/

Candid! :D

Mini cake (;

her BIG present (;

Pose :D!!

the big present was wrapped wif lots of newspapers, it was only a small watch :D!!

Dined at zen (;

Baked salmon wif cheese (;

Oysters at $1 each

Fish and chipsss (;

Chunhui and harmeee :D

ME and duckie (;

The four cousins :D

Happy belated birthdaye !!!! (;

Prawn had to play Amazing race 18th birthday edition :D

First stage was to take pictures wif 18 DIFFERENT trees wif DIFFERENT POSES.
LOL, idea inspired from some maids zilianing outside some condos.
She was feeling tired due to the hot sun, sweltering at her :D

Second stage, writing 18 cats name in a small box in 2 mins.
Easy stage , but the cats must be alive and runnnign.

Third stage, bark a total of 18 time at different houses.
We gave her like 80% discount, bark 4-5 times nia :/

Last stage, skate the faulty scooter for 1 lap.
My gawd i tried skating it for 5 mins, my legs hurt liao.
Stoopid scooter , really burns thigh fats :D

Cut the mini cake and equiped it wif the relightable candle :D
Gave her the present and she took quite long to unwrap it.
The big present was actually a small watch.
We took pains to wrap it with unused newspapers and scortchtape :/
She didnt really like the present and we were a lil sad..

Went to arcade at east coast and dined at ZEN.
Was attracted to the oysters at $1 each :o
Kinda salty, i didnt like it :/
Overall food was nice :D

Went to Park way to buy large lolipops and auntie anne's prestels.
sour cream and onion is (;
Went back katong to play blind mice in the dark.
:D still so childish, but it was fun spending time to play wif the ppl u love (;
Really love my cousions aloottt :D!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feeling better .

White kinder bueno :o

delicious desserts at kushin-bo

Awfully TASTY (:

from small to elegant :D
When cute comes in 2.o megapixels

Sleeping eyeliner cat, marbey :D

Going all out for food :o

Robber, star is such a glutton!! );

Cute guyu staring at smthing (;

Expression, priceless.
Photography skill, worthless :/

Felt better after watching an anime called skip beat.
One character said this
:"I dont see any reason to be angry at someone who sincerely apologised."

So, its alright.
Wads done cannot be undone.

Ate at kushin-bo 2 days ago.
My gawd, the crab was uber delicious.
The crab legs were relatively big, compared to the puny ones i ate for the past 16 yrs.
The crab was immersed wif its juice and every bite was satisfying.
I scalded my tongue becuz of the deep fried oysters.
But dey were delightful , smirks at the sight of the oysters*
The dessert was dam dam nice.
Jus dat i was too full to have seconds :/
Anyway, it was a price to pay, close to 40 ++bucks per person.
hoho, if it wasnt my dad's birthday, i had to wait til im old enuff to earn money to eat it :/

Working later at 3.
Yayness, working at floor finally.
No more sk for a weeek. :D!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mixed feelings.

I feel tired always, i mean ALWAYS smiling at how things go.
My cheeks muscle are deprived of frowning.
My cheeks are so intoxicated wif lactic acid dat dey nid to relax.
So please, dont tink a sorry can change everything.

Its not as easy as you tink.
To hit me with news so big on a terrible day.
I couldnt ask for more.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anger ):<

Fuming mad jus now :/

If u cant sacrifise ur time, dun expect mi to sacrifise mine.
Dont only tink dat ur time is precious, MINE IS AS VALUABLE AS WELL ):< !

Felt better after winking at a stray dog.
LOL, hey.. i tot it's return wink was jus a coincidence.
I winked at it for a total of 4 times, and it replied by winking back.

Ownage, my day salvaged by dis winking dog (:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My return (:

Mushroom and bacon gratin

Potato salad (:
Weird salad :/ (i dun like)
Cream of mushroomm :D!

Pumpkin soup :/
Weird herbs :/

Chicken salad :D
Grapefruit & apple tea :D

Peach & Grape tea :D

Baked prawns :D!!(sorry harmee :x)

Baked flounder wif cheeese (:

Yam icecreamm (:

Chocolate fondue (;

Creme brulee XD!!
Black sesame pudding (:

Back frm chalet and back to work imediately.
Ate taos after coming back from the chalet.
Got insulted by the manager, he SAID MY MOM WAS MY SIS wtf -.-
He added he wasnt saying i was old bud it offended mi, gravely .Grrrr*
Lunch was dam filling and nice.
Except dat some food didnt please my tastebuds :/
Fun working at candy bar now, bud the long standing hours are tiring :/
Met even more colleagues now, funny, whacky & uber friendly.
I wanna get back my results );
I wanna study agn:/
Countdown to Results.
1month and a few days :D!