Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random updates~

Been such a long time since i had the time to blog :/
Its like im neglecting this small space here ><
Really been busy everyday with attachment and 'Star Prince' project.

Its really fun and I would not give up any of it.
Although there were the hard times and days where i have to wake up early or chiong photoshoots, the experience is really an eyeopener. (;

I felt that i have let down  my other friends/cousions whom i cant spend my time with during this busy period.
I have already missed junjie's birthday, and coming up would be audrey's, weiling's and felicia's 21st(harmee)
Im really sorry >< If you guys are reading this please forgive me )):
I would really want to spend time with you, I swear i would makeup the time lost with you guys (:

Being recognised, is not easy at all.
The hardwork you put in, can be flinged off by other people's words or actions.
This is the reality where I really get to see many of the 'Behind the Scenes' of Cosplay.
But would I stop whatever I am doing now?

NO! Because if i were to do so, those people would be smiling their asses off.
So to those haters, badmouthers, backstabbers, (whatever form you are) I will not lose out to you (:
I shall hone my skills (in any way) to be stronger and show you what I am capable of ;D
And i have appeared yet once again in Teenage magazine (:
In the October Issue(teenage semi-finalist), November Issue(Teenage Bigdayout) and December Issue(Haru Star Prince) heh heh :D

In anycase remember to support us :D

Signing offf~~

As Natsuki (:

And as Kazue if you all missed me hehe (yes i dyed my hair FYI~ ) :D