Friday, July 31, 2009

Cosplay prep (;

Wonderful breakfast :D

Puikwan, Ginnette and huge magnum at dhoby

Ginnette getting married ;D

Gin,Puik and Xueni. ( Short sister gang )

Otaku house tryouts ;x

Ginnette and Xueni on tveeeee :D

Really have to thank Xueni, Puikwan and Ginnette for all cosplay prep.
There was once at vivo we did measurement and haunting of connecticut aftrwards.
Den recently we went to find cloth becos the china ppl may not find it.
So we have to find cloth to make pants ourself );
Searched at chinatown den went to spotlight at plaza.
Found some cloths of similiar pattern so we ended the search.
Played wif spotlight's wedding veil and masks ;x
Went to find food aftrwards.
Couldnt eat shakerfries cos mac was packed, went to kfc instead.
Idk why bud always go out wif dem always eat kfc, Fated? ;/

Went to walk ard at some figurine store, didnt noe dere was 5% off for g.v members.
Went to otaku house to see the cosplay uniforms also, bud dam freaking ex lah );
Lastly went to mrt to sent puikwan the pig off ;x
We went to ion after going from dhoby->outram->dhoby->orchard.
Dumb rite? , Ginnette lor, want to see ion ;/
Walked ard in circles as ion was big and smelly ;x
It was kinda infused with japanese culture or smthing ;o
Lots of japanese foooooods ;3
Went to kinokuniya to look for books.
Saw lots of mangas and xn & ginn were like comparing this to dat ;o
Didnt watch as much anime/mangas compared to dem ;/
& dey said kirarin's eyes were FREAKING BIG lor ;o
Ginn went to buy sorcerer's stone of another publisher after tinking for Veh long.
Bus-ed to greatworld and 195 home (;
All of us could take 195 bud stopped at diff stops.
Talked abt dragonica dat day and i downloaded it and trained til lvl 5 lor ;/

Such a Bad time for games ;x

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dog cat town ;o

Scratch looking at xiaohei ;o

Xiaohei playing wif ball ;D

SLeppy butter ;p

Pug like chester (;

Babe ginger ((;

If u smoke too much u will be like dat ;o

Sexy stripey Mickey :D

MArbeyyy (;

Gingerrr meditating pose (;

Yawning pepsi ((;

Cute lil doggieee (;

Walked the puppy ;)

Scared the cute kitty ;D

Walked chester dat day.
It was so fun lor, bud this fat puppy gets tired easily ,sits down & dont budge.
Saw him licking somthing in the grass, so i stoned and let him finsh his business.
Den realised it was taking quite long , i peered over the grass to see wad he was doing.
KNS, he was eating ants !!! :OOOOOOO
The worse thing is he licked me afterwards :XXXX );

Saturday, July 25, 2009

CLique outing pt 2

Steamboat buffet (;

Me and kymm kymm :D

Tiong lin :D

Clarisa (;

Weiling :D

Junjie :3

Weiyi ;D

Went out to eat steamboat buffet at chinatown dat day (20 aug lidat);/
Was the first to reach lor, v proud to say so (:
Den the rest came except for kymm& tl.
Went to eat first :D
Until ard 6 tionglin and kymm came.
Ate lots of chicken, mushroomZ ;o and fish ((;
Dey ate ALOOOOOOT of mushrooms. ( Jin zhen gu ;o )
So much dat dey couldnt differenciate btw noodles and mushroom ;D
Ard 7-8 lidat we saw some ah guas );
(Tink dey stalked me frm pasir ris )): , and yes guys wif boobs PUKES*)
There was 3 of dem, 1 of them wif black dress dam failure, got m0ustache smre ;/
Spoiled our appetite immediately lah, we left cos the staff dere HINTED us to leave -.-

Went to eat desserts , chinese desserts lor ;/
At first tot it was icekachang or smthing, kns eat walnut/peanut paste dat kind ;/
Den share pomelo mango ice wif kymm (;
Went to macs to quench thirst.
Camwhored ALOOOT, also chat alot about random stuffs.
Went past a shop in chinatown dat sells anime and doreamon.
Clar went crazy abt the doreamon 3d puzzle (50 dollar wor ;o)
Went to mrt to gossip abt our hot topic cough* cough*.
Left ard 11 plus reached hme at ard 1130.
Facebook-ed and slpt ;D

(sorry for late post ;x)

Friday, July 24, 2009

HuiHUi birthday

Happy birthday huihui ;D

FInshed product. I made the blue berry cake for her SEW the hor ( with help of my sisters of course ;x)

The misleading packaging );

The fabrics useddd (;
Instruction manual :D

Front of strawberry (;

Back of strawberry ;D

3 Blueberriessss (;

Finshed product of day 1 ((;

Top of base plus fruits ((;

Sewing ofbase

Base DONE (;

Edmund and huiling :D

Birthday girl acts cute.

Cream dat i put on her face (;

Tradition to take candles wif mouth ;/

So happy uh o;

Alvin haha ;z

Her group of frens ;o

Junwei and benson (;

Grp photo ((;
Went out to meet edmund at huihui’s house.
Gave her a shock by acting as a ‘fake boyfren’ ;D
She took from 4.30-7 to dress up lor ;/ WOMEN sigh*
Went to meet alvin,junwei,benson,christina at vivo, we planned to eat swenson
The queue was atrociously long, bud we still queued ;/
Huihui went to get the other bunch of her frens to come along.

In the end we split into 2 tables and ate.
Shared regular earthquake wif edmund :D
Joked quite alot with the g.v frens ;D
Den while me and edmund went to toilet, den window shopping ;x, they bought cake.
Cut cake, had some fun wif the cream and saw benson’s video clip.
Had many refills of cold water dat day, common im a ‘shui tong’
Chatted til the shop closed and went to camwhore at some random place.
Had a lonely passerby to take the grp pic. ;D
Olive and fig closing crews dam high, played whine up remix and closed wor ;o
Seperated our ways and went home );
Edmund went to take his train while i take 131 wif benson.
On the bustrip i said something REALLY STUPID );

Shun: Ehh so late at nite le almost 11.30 u not scared meh?
Benson; Scared wad?
Shun: I thought u gonna walk thru Anna’s death place?
Benson: Anna? Whose anna?
Shun: There the 1 dat unfortunately got killed de, the child!
Benson: OHHH, its HUANG NA lah, LAME.
Shun: Shut up lah! ); ( so malu* )

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Anime wallpaper ;D

My acer lappy ;D

KAO! waited like 2 days for this dumb tutorial.
To my HORROR, it has my picture on it.
ARGH )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):
Stupid biochem lecturer, uploaded this pic beside a qn.
ARGH ); zzzzzzzzz though dere were plenty of pics as well, WHY MUST CHOOSE MINE.
KNS, the whole BMS,BIO see my face liao lah.
walaowalaowalaowalaowalaowalaowalaowalaowalao ;/
So pissed. pfft.

Jus came back from clique outing, gonna update another timeee (;