Friday, January 30, 2009

Cny pics !

My large family 'lou hei-ing'

Cousions 4eva :D

3 of us (:

Kuso shot ;o

i dont look like a singaporean ehh ? ;D
Mr chyna fan (;

Camwhoreee agn ;o

Smile detector fun (;

Heads poppin out

Super spastic smiless :D

First day of cny . dam slack ;D
woke up at 12 and watched alvin & the chipmunks at chn 58 til 1 ++
Den i started bathing and my family started gettin ready.
Jus as we were about to get out of the house, 20 ppl came in.
I was awed by the number because i have nvr seen dem b4~!
Got more angbaos and went to katong my grandpa house.
Toook even more angbaos and camwhored outside the house.
At night dere was 'gamblin session' and i didnt want to play at first cos i didnt bring any money
Budd prawn say play for fun onli and duck lend mi money so i played.
I was on a winning streak wif 'ban luck' and some 'banban'
Returned the money duck lend mi and i toook a good sum of money home ;D

Second day of cny super busy.
Woke up at 8am bathed rushed to my neighbour's house.
Den rushed to telok blangah hike and rushed down to angmokio.
Had lots of steamboats ;/ & angbaos of cos (;
There wasnt any gambling despite the fact dat i brought money ;/
Camwhored for the last day and bade our goodbyes!

I was so glad i gave up my work schedule on 2nd day of cny to zijian.
If not, i wouldnt have a whale of a time wif my cousions
However, i lost 32 dollars while doing so );

Neither here nor there

NOOOOOOO..... );

I got into t.p biotechnology ...
Received this darnned sms by moe at 6.50!
HEllo still sleeping leh! );<
Kinda intimidated by the distance cos its really quite far.
Oh well, gota be more positive cos i got into the course i want.
I shouldnt be whining abt the dist since i got the course i want.
Poly life is gonna be highly anticipated, except for the distance

Gota overcome the fear of far distance travel );

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reality check.

Really nervous rite now );

Tomorrow is the posting of skl and it would be via sms.
Like wth?!?!
Will it come in a sms like this?

XXX poly : Congrats, u have won yourself a spot in XXX course (:

Another sarcastic alternative :/

XXX poly : Holy shit, u will be stuck in XXX course for 3 years. Well done

Sounds like some kinda scam ;D
Seriously dont gimi temasek poly cos i kinda regret the distance;x
Had nightmares of getting into the polys i chosen.

Anway jus started watching naruto, like woo!
WOW, 300++ episodes to go ;/

*Prays very very hard ):* *Biotechnology s.p *

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy NEW(NIU) yr (;

Such a cute cow!!
Its the start of a new yr! ((:

Gonna :
  1. Collect angbaos,
  2. Gamble,
  3. Drink alot of carbonated drinks,
  4. Eat alot of steamboats,
  5. Get sick of abalone
  6. Eat alot of new yr goodies,
  7. Play more computergames ,
  8. Get even more angbao money,
  9. Count the *kaching* afterwards and spend some of it ((;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A treat from kachee

The boss ordering food.

Me and kymm :D

Weiling and clarisa :D

Kachee and jay jay :3

YU sheng!! :o

Spread of food ((:

Worked frm 12-6 ytd.
My account was short of 20 dollars today );
(gosh i dun wanna pay!!)
wl & clar waited for mi to change outa dat maid uniform and we went holland v together.
Met kymm on the same buss! ;o
We took a nice LONG walk to a weird place and we settled down dere
" RESERVED" it says and kachee said it was reserved for us.
Bud another table wif reserve plate was laid wif red cloth and nice chairs...
Took pics and ordered food.
Had alot of fun "Lao-ing the yu sheng" (first time lao-ing wif frens ;o)
Den ate cereal prawn,sambal kangkong,egg,braised tofu,stingray and chicken.
Food was satisfying and we went cold storage after dat.
Weiyi came for awhilee (;
DEN dey went to buy this!!

OMg, okay sort of like alcoholic drinks wif less den 10% alcohol.
Budd i didnt like the taste of alcohol.
So bitter and smelly like the smell of a dirty old pair of shoes not washed for 10 yrs!
Sat on a playgrd and we 7 had a long chat.
Soon weiyi left and we had a longer chat.
it was so late til the last bus for 145 left );
Took 198 to bm and walked home );

However,, i reli like a gathering wif my classmatess :D
Especially those im relli close wif.
Hope to have such a gathering soon! (:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zijian's birthday (;

Happy birthday 18th birthdae JIAN XIONG :D!

Mr prince charming ehh? ;o

In chinese new year mood ;D!

Smiles (;

Puik the photographer and ginnette airing her pits ;x

Last budd not least grp photo (;
(me wearing the maid uniform -.- )

It was kinda a last minute thing to gather puik and ginnette to cele zijian's b'dae
We did many things secretly budd somehow i tink he found out.
Puik and ginnette bought a cake and placed it in manager rm.
Den we positioned the candles and walkie him in ;D
He was stunned to see the cake ( i guess) and we sang him a birthday song

LOL, and thereafter camwhore (;
Take pic here take pic dere.
We kinda sabo-ed him cos i brought relightable candles .
He blew and blew, but to no avail :D!
I gave zijian a bleach wallet i found somewhere.
(toook pains to learn wrapping from youtube ;D!)
Worked eos( end of session) wif him til 12.++
( i was free labour of cos,bud i had free cab who cares ;D!)
It was really a fun day dat day ((:
Happy birthday again Zijian! :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Horribl-est imitation of nana mizuki

dats the link, the singer sounds really bad ( no offence )

Far cry from the original song, common ppl hear it and laugh ur ass out ;x

Cats gallery

Close up of coco :D

Mr centre parting ;o

White horse shows paws( hes got 2 coloured eyes)(;

:I wann my MUMMY :D

Bored Mr stripes :/

Missing ginger and chocolate ):
When will i see dem again??!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lane tribute 2 ((;

At night wif larger pupils ;o

Sleeping on my hand.. AWWW*
Kiss kiss fall in love(;

Lickitung!! ;D

-hulk transformation-

Lane the hulk! ;D!!!!

She FACED me );

LOL, dere was 1 sunny sunday i was at my grandpa house, wif lane.
Was drinking ice milo and she stuck her head in and drank .
She drank ice milo :/!!!
& dere was fur in my drink );

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Visit (;

zijian, puikwan and lanee (;

Cream and bobo :D
Arnold chickennnn ;D

half a spring chiken, idevooured it :DDD
i went to my grandpa house to return something to my cousion cos it was nearby.
bud she wasnt at hme );
my frens( zijian & puikwan) came inside gramps house also.
it was the first time i invited my frens to my gramps house ;x
They saw cats and many many cats ,a dog and a tortoise(;
After playing wif dem, we went to eat arnold chicken.
Dam bloody guud ;o
hoho, den we tok mrt back to tiong and homed.
while reaching paya lebar mrt, i was stopped by this nerdy inspector.

Inspector: Boy can i check your bag?
Me: For wad?(feeling pissed off*)
Inspector: Just routine checking onli (;
Me: FINE -.-
puts bag on the table*
inspector tries hard to open bag bud couldnt due to complicated

Frens: Aiyo, help him open lah
Me: lame ( wan check my bag dun even noe how to open :D)
Also special thanks to harmee for accompanying me to buy clothes (;
Thanks for the cookies as weelll (;

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lane tribute :D

*Hugs tail*

Pugnacious cat ;o

*Sniffs grass*

Grass blade moustache :D

Acting cute (;

Lane is irresistible.
So amazingly cute and funny.
She ONCE :
  • burnt her whiskers
  • scratched her own shadows
  • chase her own tail
  • dropped into a bowl of water
  • pushed and dropped the mouse
  • slept on her back
  • ran into a door
  • dropped frm a computer top

dats wacky lane for u (;

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dreaded results

Heres the results -.-

English - C5
Chinese- B3
Ema- A2
Comb Sci - A2
Comb humans - B3
Bio - B3
Ama - B3

L1R4-15(haven deduct cca)

Was dam despressed wif english.
After tuitions and tuitions and tuitions, i was confident of getting a B3 and below.
But wtf, i got a C5!
And of all subjects, it was english, the c dat destroyed the good As and Bs.
Broke down into tears when mum called. idonowhy
Felt as if i let the whole world down, i didnt even tell my tutor.

After playing ,eating wif frens and talking to my colleagues i felt much better.
Its not like the whole world has dat onli option for me.
I found many other ways dat i can continue to further study.
So, i made up my mind aledi.
If i cant get into s.p's biotechnology, i'll jus get into T.p's biotech
(although its at tampanese:/)

Looking at the very bright side.
I have gotten 2 As.
Parents promised to grant me a wish if i gotten 2 As.
WOHO, still tinking of wad to do wif it (;

Cousion's mini celebration

Waffle buffet :/

Wadd a spread ;o

ITs called lovebites.

Early celebration for this cousion (;

The tiger prawn pasta, right.. -.-
Went down to singpost for waffle buffet feeling excited.
Prawn came to find me and ppl tot she was my gf ( i knew ppl would say dat -.-)
The buffet was delicious at first, guys i mean AT FIRST.
When u reach the 3rd or 4th 1, u will detest the taste of it.
YUke, i dun recommend u ppl to spend 10 dollars on de buffet.
Not worth it and not reli nice.
Had alot of fun hiding the waffles :D