Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Gold dog-bone pendant


16th birthdae :D

NUN (:

These pictures were part and parcel of my compo!
de dog, pendant,nun and birthdae (:
well, i hadd definetely tried my best to write out dat compo.
without a doubt, i would have written AT LEAST 600 words.
2 and a half pages without leavin lines! for both compo and letter :D
wooohooo :D

den maths paper was like an idol.
which u loved and hated most. (love their looks bud hate the price of the album and stuff? )
the papers todae was refreshing.
i never had mye lidat!
having my bag beside mi on the floor, in an aircon room somore.
i almost fell asleep during maths paper:/
shant be blogging OFTEN.cuz of mYE
good luck everybodi :DDD

an outing :D

2 lolipop (:

shaky sushi :D

dog show! like my wushu compt carpet :/

see how adorable the dogs are (:

i have brown hair under sunlight :D (natural de, nvr spray!)

SUSHIII plates (:


me and prawnie (:

prawnie and COUGH* fat duck. :D

prawnie and mi :D

dat dey we went to take 11 to kallang leisure park.
REALLI GORT BUS 11 u noe!!
eric low nxt time cant tok abt bus 11 as walkin liao :/

den when we reached dere ,dere were dogs. WOOF! (kymm wasnt dere :D)
we were amazed.
den we realised dat dere was a show and 'competition'
de dogs dammm adorable lah (:
we searched high and low for a place to eat.
we went to this sushi place at 99cents per sushi.
we ate 24 plates total +cha soba+agedashi tofu(:
paid 40 bucks onli! :DD

den went katong eat mum-made muah chee!
damm nice ! ate watermelon also (:
den played viwawa!
such a funny and cute online game!
kinda addicted to it liao :x

Friday, April 25, 2008



charmaine's poor bear :/

i drew myself :p

i drew yinghui :D

adeline's delicious muffin/cupcake !


there was the senior farewell thing of chinese dance and wushu.
hmm, its sad to say dat i realli dun TOTALLY like all of my juniors.
e.g when i ask them whether dey can come down for camp
some not all, would gimi lame excuses like "oh i go holiday,australia and stuff."

Its damm irritating and its not farnie at all.
sometimes i really hope dat u can listen to mi and keep ur phone when im toking.
when i snatch away ur phone, u forcefully snatch it back -.-
wadds worse u called me guai lan or wadeva :/
u tink i realli wanna do dat? tink again.

Overall, i guess dat i couldnt deny de fact dat i hadd some fun (:
fiting wif yinghui , it was dumb budd we made a great show i guess :/
i guess duno wadd to say :D
dats all i guess.

OH YES. adeline mei, ur muffins/cupcakes are nice.
dun be depressed! try harder nxt time kae? (:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

CPC! (copyCAT)!

i realised dat dere was dis idiot always doing/following wad i did -.-
i drew he drew
i love cats he love cats
anything -.-
i dont think any of u noe him budd hes dam irritating.
glad to noe dat that
“不怕红面关公,只怕抿嘴菩萨 ”

所谓:“ 忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空 ”
hes such a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious freak :/
ok dats blabbering rubbish.
dont try steal dem from mi BASTARD! :/
i wont object if u are a cat lover.
as long as u aint him :D

English oral :/

wondered why i posted this?
look down :/
english oral a lil nervous still pondering abt whose my examiner.
den i saw ASLANASLAM in the canteen.
i told my friends dat if it was him, i would have screamed in a high pitch
anddd... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH i went -.- my invigilator was really him!!!
den he reprimanded mi even before i sat down -.-
he said i shouldnt bring papers.
den i started reading and describing the picture.
Him:Guess what the man is doing.
-pause- hmmm. hes holding some freaking fruit.
Me: I tink he is telling the kids information about the mango.
Him: O.O!
den i realised dat it was durian lah ):
oh well -.-
deres some gathering for wushu and chinese dance peeps.
wonder wadds going on? some senior farewell i suppose (:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

chinese oral

tongue-tied :/
chyna chinese oral was really screwed.
kailing lao shi ms qu was really unexpectedly nice :/
she said the passage was okae budd dere were 5 wrongly pronounced words ):!
de conversation she asked mi if i agreed dat prom nite should be held out in a hotel
i tot dat was de onli choice so i sticked to it.
den she said dat one of the students said dat it should be held in the school :/
i said go skl kip studying later ppl tot go skl to prom nite to study ;D
den i realised alot of ppl objected dat idea of holdin prom nite in an exquisite hotel :/
OOMMGG -.-!!!!!!

uhhh ); could have gotten 30 last time this time i tink 25 nia :/
okok as long as i improve i could get 30 for o's (:
good luck to myself for 2mlo's english oral~~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


DUCKIE (: we noe we noe... ur a cat person :D

her cute cake :D look its not a candle budd a lolipop!

australian steak at botak jones yummm :D
lane attempts to hug star :o

cute star and ultraman lane :D

Happy belated birthdae duck!(i noe its dam late lah :/)
anyway u have grown older by a year(when u reach 20 we gonna eat u :D)
On fri, it was speeech day :/
me tionglin and jayjay went to eat this RESTAURANT located at the 4th floor of tiong.
cough* grilll cough* wer :D
i didnt wanna eat so dey ordered stdnt meals while i drank the soup.
suddenly 3 plates came to us.
dey insist dat we ordered 3 plates. dey added on dat dey did repeat de order.
all she did was "yes.. yes.. #$%^&*" (in a muffled voice)
as weiling alina phuisee and yuening ate jus beside us
dey heard something when dey left .
something like
:"No money dont come cough* grilllllcough*werr eat lah!"
to those rude staffs stinked of a flamboyant perfume
its not as if we have no money. its ur attitude dat sucked.
tinking dat ur restaurant is all high and mighty.
its jus freaking filled wif r.A drawings. GROSSS ):<
i sweared i would never go into dat restaurant agn! pfft -.-
tionglin: im gonna rite a complain letter :D
more like a joke :/
On sat, me and prawnie go find duck's prezzie the bag in the first pic :D
after dat we went to eat at the top floor of shitty praza (: ( if u get mi .. GOOD!)
den dere was this couple hugging and kissing while waiting to cross the roads.
dey had done dat since dey have entered the lift -.-
Spare my eyes lah :/
Den we went to walk to katong wif bundung and blueberry cheese tart (:D
while walking, we saw an accident.
not like we witnessed it, budd we saw the injured ppl and stuff.
it was a pizza delivery man being knocked down by a lorry :/
poor thing ): at least he suffered minor injury and could argue on the phone :D
den celebrated duck's birthdae a lil and we watched movie in the com.
watched "1408" and "epic movie" 1408 not scary lor -.-
epic movie a lil too r.a for duck uhh~

As for my wushu grp competition :/
we didnt manage to clinch last :D
we were 4th last (:D
lots of mistakes in the competition ohh well -.-
this marks my last interaction wif wushu (:
will miss u peeps.
And i heard something from charlton dat struck mi hard. i mean DAM HARD ):
yadayada :/
sorry for the long post ehh (:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

wushu and chinese dance

foood (:

mashed muffins and icecream (:

lina and me :D

yinghui! :D

hanqi! [:
mi and yinghui :D

jason and charlton (:

WENT out wif those peeps ytd (:
we go seoul garden eat and i got headache on the way :/
den we went in and take fooood (:
dere was this uncle who took all the drumstick away.. i mean ALL -.-
greeedy lah :/ so i didnt manage to eat any drumstick -.-
took lots of food (:
den my desert was muffins and icecream :D
budd i mashed dem all together and dey taste awfully good!
jason charlton and hanqi had like 18 servings of noodles altogether?
yinghui suggested dem to go food court instead :D
den we went to play arcade :D
and i play the sweet machine 1 drop nia -.-
argh i tink i gained weight :/
im so fat!! .. must eat lesser for nxt tues competition liao :D


wushu fiesta

They were de models for de day (:
The black 1 is charlton :D budd de pink 1, i have no idea whose he :/
i jus happen to take his photos :D
Oh yea and nichole gort 6th/14 .
At first she was 4th which she won a prize
BUDD de stupid judges adjusted de points and she dropped a few positions :(
nvm at least she improved :D
OKAE! next tues toa payoh sports hall :/

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

results ;/

can u feel my pain? ):

kinda disapointed wif myself :/
aye aye results out ><
in de end broadsword gort 7.63 1st gort 8.65 -.-
my spear gort 7.55 1st gort 8.51 :/

quite disappointing );
BUDDBUDD de most important thang was dat i hadd fun!
saying JIA YOOH to all those weird weird ppl and made new friend (:
shall blog photos dis weekend (:
i hadd to admit i was quite nervous for my competition :/
dat wasnt an excuse to be TOP last few..
NEVERMIND (: im gonna miss wushu jumpin and stuff
gonna visit my juniors when i graduate.. HMM still gort 1 competition to GO!!

jiayooh jia yooh ;D

Sunday, April 06, 2008

wushu + cats + prata (:

a lil R.A going on here ;D
my toffee milkshake (:

murtabaks chicken and mutton (:

oreomisu ;D

2.60 for such a cute thing to eat (:

sleeping beauty ;D

dun try to PAW HER (:

3 fools friends (:

blurred ginger :/

lane's whiskers cant c much :

her whiskers have grown (: kawaii laneeeeee :D
2mlo my broadsword starts :/ jus aim 7.8
if can get 8 will reali laugh until stomachache :D
ytd went to find prawn at newton.
stupid 171 busdriver wouldnt let mi in.period. -.-
so i waited for another bus finally got in :/
den prawn got up de bus and her friends were waving frantically :D
so farnie lah.

we went to eat al- azhar prata. dam nice (:
was bloated and we barked like dogs on our way home (:
saw dis kid throwin ice at some cats outside macs.
we gave him de "buzz off" face
i wanted to act dat we were frm S.P.C.A and to catch him :D
budd hes a small fat boy, who cares.
we bought a can of cat food and gave it to de cats (;
den took bus to paya lebar and walked back to katong.
stupid prawn go L.S 3 times -.-
i had to wait like a foool.

gonna skip P.E , PHYSICS, ASSEMBLY , 3 AMATHS 2mlo :/
duno whether it is good or bad ><
good luck to myself (:
hey ppl dun get frightened if u see mi walking armed wif a sword or spear (:
i aint no mas selamat ;D 2 more days to babey spear !