Saturday, January 26, 2008

i looked round and potato-ed when i was small :D

coco:"dun wake mi up" ):<

rainbow and coco sleeping :D

de 2 maidens still sleeping :D

ginger advertising chewing gum :D credits to big sis

ginger upclose :D

this may sound kinda badd bud i feel so relaxed playing wid cats.
i may even forget about my homework :D
nah nah i do plan my time properly.
its not as if i play wif cats everyday its onli twice a week.
hmm fri tuition cancelled. teacher was sick
i was so happy can stay at home watch TV :D
oh yea i gort B3 for chinese 0's
hmm result of my hcl class is :
A1 A2 B3 B4 .... C6-----
6 1 10 2 1.. (de end :D)
i plan to drop hcl.
continue on my chinese.! going back to mdm xu class~
never been taught by her b4 duno how shes like.
ard 3 more months chinese O's agn so farnie lo.
i can take chinese O's 3 times so weird la.
must get an A tis time.
will miss mr goh's naggin and de class' laughter
i tink onli ard 11 ppl continuin higher chinese.
hope i can get 10 points for my L1 B2 R2 ba :D

kfc and deserts ~

barbecue sauce

and cheese sauce..

u get thick paint :D

credits to mi. photographer and art :p

i can draw a heart better den her (:

look at kymm's heart and fingers -.-

she asked mi help her take photo :x

deserts from sakura :D

fried ice cream!! :D
hot on de outside cold on de inside .
went eating wid kymm.
jus normal frens dun anyhow tink tink.
went to anchorpoint go eat.
end up go kfc.
she kip meetin her fren bud she run away o.o
after dat had fun at kfc playing :D
and i saw my senior juan juan working at anchorpoint jack's place
went to eat dere when i went to anchor point agn
she now learning taekwondo...
she last time expert in wushu now break woods. o.o
terrifying thought.
ok baibai :D

wadd i had been doing :D

my masterpiece :D

it was orginally a piece of boring wood.

started drawingg..

and shadingg.

and more shadin' wala~ im done :D

beloved chocolate :D

chocolate attempting on SPLITING

sorry u were moving ):

i went to a pub :D u believe? -.-
nahh its jus some nice lightings
okay. i went to accompany jason to make him contact lense
and hes got it ~
hes finally wearing becoming more zilian :D
it was funny looking at him wearing it.
and de person keep squeezing de 'cleansing thingy' for de lenses.
i bet she squeeze dam hardd (:
recently test test test everydae ):
chinese new year coming soon gonna get rich $.$ :D