Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lina's birthdae!

Happy birthdae Lina:D

Last picture in the bus :D

Birthdae girl and mi :D

Carbonara pizza :D
this 1 look like tiong lin :x
Spastic smile and hair! :D

Charlton the builder :D

Mi,hanqi,chakpan,charlton,jason,yinghui.karen,charmaine celebrated lina's b'dae.
Went to marina to eat PASTA DE WARAKU.
The pizza was great, it was thin ,yet cripsy and oozing wif cheese juice
x) Other ppl had curry rice and pasta thou :D
Den we cut the cake inside dat restaurant (:

From suntec to marina and to suntec and to marina -.-
we walked back like at least 3 times either to find ppl or food.
I got a lil fed up cuz i wasnt feeling well and yet forced to walk so muchhhh -.-
So i ended up emoing :D

In the end we had dinner at Burger king at 9 -.-
Swore we suffered from massive leg muscle pull :/

Food galore :D

Say cheeeeze :D

Mushroom something sphagetti :/

chicken baked rice :/

Curry baked rice :/

And this seafood soba :/
At black canyon

Fish and chips :/

My teriyaki chicken :D

Liping's some thai food :/

Bake beans pac man! :D

its a compilation for over few months maybe? :D
Yahh had black canyon at near katong.
It was a farewell dinner for liping.
Me and prawn were like doing a 'project'.
We hurried and 'gan chionged' cuz we were decorating the prezzie :/
Then duck's family came back early and luckily she didnt c :D

It was quite a good dinner except the orders were abit faulty :/
Had to thank cheng lin for it :D
Den hadd bubble tea nearby :]
and had to thank duck's family again for paying.. Again :/
Went back and we played paper aeroplanes.
Should have seen how childish we were :x
The next day i had severe cough -.-
cuz i drank my cousion's oreo :/

Bon voyage Liping :D~

Cat's story (:

Hoho look over there, something's happening (:

Woot? Dun ask me, i just came by :/

Dun wake mi up! Im trying to sleep ;/

Meanwhile the skit starts...

Im in love wif u whitewhite :x

WOOOT?!?! mie? well actually...

I love u 2!! lets take a picture together! :D

kinda lame thou :/

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Theres bound to be friction wif ppl in life whether u like it or not :/
All it takes is a lil forgiving , is it really dat hard?
LOL, im trying to console my fren, if he is looking at this dat is -.-
For me, i wake up de next morning fresh, forgetting abt ytd's heated argument.
Theres no point getting all frustrated and vexed tinking of it.
All u have to do is relax, let nature takes its course (:

车到山前总有路,船到桥头自然直。 (:


I've figured out,(kinda) how to do my s.s (:
its hard but thanks to ms azlina, she worked things out for mi.
Kinda unbelievable thou :/
Its like dog-frisbee.
Its tough to grasp it when its too high.
Or when u jump at the wrong time it falls or hits u.
Bud once u caught it in the mid-air, you will feel the wave of shiokness.
Trying to motivate myself (:
In 3 months' time, i will be freeeeeee :D


Saturday, August 09, 2008

School life (:

i took a picture of a beautiful flower (:

Learning colour toning in bio (: (potato & iodine)

ginger is ♥♥ made by white glue (:

candid shot and dey didnt noe :D

siuweng really like to sit on tiong lin's lap :x

my fren, hanyue's chair :D

In chinese, its says hanyue Loves aslam the tamil teacher :D

Come to tink of it, time flies.
I still rmbered the first day of school getting nervous to enter this building.
Yet im gonna graduate from this building in like 4 months or so ):
I went to see my juniors training.
It plucked out heart-warming images from my brain when i was training.
I had sprain my ankles, cut myself wif the knife, made a big blue-black.
However the experience was worth it (:

watched money no enough 2 ytd wif my family.
was touched , but not to the extent of crying like my sister :x
i guess when we grow up we should really reciprocate the love dat our mothers gave to us.
We were in their wombs ,kicking ard.
Yet they continued to bear the pain, and finally gave birth to us after 9 months.
And, we have to eat 3 meals a day at different time of the day,sometimes even 4a.m.
Sometimes at mid nite, we may wake up and cry, we deprive our parents of their sleep.

Yea the scene in the movie where de guy sends his mother to the old folks home was touching.
I would never ever do dat to my parents mannn );

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2 sides of a story

Anger :/

In my opinion, there are always 2 sides of a story.
A young boy who had dashed out of the roads to get his ball.
A driver drives at full speed, notices the boy , brakes and tries all his might to avoid hiting him.
The young boy ran away unscathed , traumatised, having this fear of getting hit.
However, the other side of the story is dat the driver felt relieved as he didnt hit the boy.
Which this fear,hitting the innocoent, stays in his heart.

The above story may seem abstract.
My main point is dat never discriminate something that you dont like.
A worthless subject to u may seem like a vital essence in a person's life.
Even if i were to hate something, i wouldnt go ard spreading to ppl abt how futile it is to learn and how it couldnt benifit myself.
Well " a person's meat could be another man's poison" :/

todae i had experienced the most malu-est bus trip ):
guess wadd?
this happened :/

went up bus 195 and it was packed like

i was standing near the exit.
a woman wanted to alight and she said
"Excuse mie (: "
i let go of the pole dat helped mi to gain
my balance
Out of the blue, there was an
abrupt halt*

I lost balance and stepped on 2 passenger's feet.
"SORRY!" i squealed ):

so frigging malu );
if it was 1 person i might feel a lil happier.
BUD U NOE WAD? I STEPPED ON 2 PPL LAh (so glad dey werent wearing slippers) :/
literally my feet on other ppl's feet ):
so maaluuu.... argh!