Sunday, March 05, 2017

Cathy Doll's 5th Anniversary (Sponsored)

I was really happy to be brought to Thailand by Karmarts Singapore!
It was Cathy Doll's 5th Anniversary and they brought back some of us ABBC winners (:
I checked in at 10am on 24th Feb and the room wasnt ready. I asked around and realised that some ABBC blogger had checked in and I realised it was Angeline!!!
I went into her room and we had a good chat to catch up!
After my room was ready, I checked in at about 12pm and I realised that my room was just beside her~~ After dressing up, I took some photos hehe. 
 It was really awesome to have a room to myself! :D
Going for the Kpop look :3

After that, we met at a Cafe in Siam as a holding area while waiting for the rest of the stars to appear at around 3pm. We took a subway there as it was just 1 stop away.
Slowly, the ABBC bloggers came one by one and we were all so excited to see each other!!!
It has been like half a year already?

Left to right : Namwarn, Tianxin , Janine , Angeline , Elcah.

&& we took goofy shots because well, its a reminder to not take life so seriously :D
 Left to Right : Tianxin, Me , Angeline, Quynh anh Shyn(Vietnam Actoress) , Elcah (Malaysian blogger)

 Angeline from Malaysia!
 Janine from Indonesia!
 Tian Xin from China!
 Namwarn from Thailand!

About 5-6pm it was time for out scheduled photoshoot and it was only 5 minutes!!
It was so rushed and there were so many cameras to look at. *eyes darts everywhere*
It was an honour to take pictures with some of the Hottest A-listers stars in Thailand!

  Everyone looked so gorgeous here!! (:
I was abit of a rebel here as I didn't have totally white outfits, So I only brought my white & black printed jacket :x

And after the photoshoot we had 2 minutes to take selfies with them! So I could only take pics with stars near me! And seriously, when taking photos with stars like them I can only give out a goofy happy look. Damned. They looked flawless regardless of the angles taken.
First is boy_pakorn! He was ultra friendly and very nice as a person.
Secondly is push_dj . He has a very charming smile and he reminds me of Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai) Aaron.He has a very korean look and I was really happy because I followed him for sometime on instagram.

After that, I didnt have time for the other presenters and we were invited out to the main event.
2 minutes were gone in a flash ))):
Me at the big backdrop before going to the main event!
 I was seated with Quynh anh Shyn
And also Totlina & Nila from Laos!

I was really lucky to be seated with these ladies as my intial seating plan with the ABBC bloggers was taken up by some other people. So I had to join the other 'Exports' (yea they named us that XD)

Soon the event started and I took more videos than pictures as my camera was about to die.
These are some of the pictures take that day~~ 
 Push DJ
 Cris Hor Wang
 I was really impressed as the Presenters all did a catwalk and after that a SONG!
Is it a rule that all Thailand Presenters must be good in singing , because I was really impressed!
As the event goes, we saw the whole 5 years highlighted products of Cathy Doll!
And as the event ended, I managed to sneak a ninja shot with a makeup artist I followed on Instagram!
Can you believe that he is 29 ?!?!?! *Omg. Spazzz* He was so friendly and inviting people to take pictures with him!! It was really a rewarding day, having pictures taken with them and also taking pictures with them.

ALSO I scrutinised their actions while they were on stage, walking and interacting with fans. *such a stalker* BUT YES, I learnt alot from their actions and how they behave. And also, reacting to unforeseen circumstance, which requires high EQ.

Overall, I was really glad to be invited over and thankfully for Karmart that sponsored this trip, I enjoyed the trip totally! So its my like 2nd attempt making a Vlog and here it is!! More information about the trip in this vlog (:

**P.S** As I am still a noob at video editing I didn't realise that the runway songs they used striked some copyright issues. It wasn't a biggie but there are some limitations. So you might need to open your desktop to see this vlog and some handheld devices are restricted from viewing! Thank you.!

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