Wednesday, February 08, 2017

AOA Favourites

Recently AOA had 2 songs released and they are "Bing Bing" & "Excuse Me" respectively.
It dawned on me that they had really different concepts since their debut.
(I followed them since then) 
I am glad these 2 concepts are slightly back to their usual funky concepts.
(although 'Bing Bing' still sells a little sex)

But these are the 3 members that I focus on the most :x (*Credits to respective picture owners*)
These are just personal opinions~~

1. Choa

She is without a doubt, my bias in the group. I was very happy when one of my friend bought an album for me and the postcard was CHOA!! It was like omg happiness! Her style & voice is so lovely~~ A definite goddess to me (sparkling eyes*)  
And can I say that she really rocked the blonde look?
After she did her shorter hairdo(In short skirt MV), it was much quirkier and less boring than her long hairdo in Elvis. And as the lead vocals, you see her in most of the MVs, even in AOA Black.

2. Jimin
I noticed her IMMEDIATELY when Elvis came out. It was her turquiose ombre hair that caught my attention, accompanied by her unique voice. Many people thinks that she is too nasal , but I think that is what makes her stands out.

Plus that voice of hers is really suited for rap-ing songs. I am glad she got more famous during the "Unpretty Rap Star" shows.

she even got to do an Mv with Xiumin after that. (althou im not into songs that raps all the way)
Lastly, I cant shake that fact that they did this comparison of Jimin & L.Jackson
It was hilarious XD


I personally only noticed Seolhyun because she was in many Mvs, Ads and is visually pretty.
I am not too sure about her personality, but many variety shows had their guests nervous about meeting her and her being many people's ideal type. 

As for the rest of AOA, I am not too sure about the members :x
But I was quite sad that the drummer , Youkyoung left.
She was quite underrated and only appeared in a few Mvs. She didnt have much exposure either, despite being a really drummer. Hopefully she seeked a better company or another route for herself.

Initially AOA was a girl band that launched after CNBlue's success but now, they hardly play their instruments. And I am not sure about the rest of the netizens, but I really missed their 'Elvis' & 'Get Out' days where its more of visual and not sex sell.

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