Thursday, February 02, 2017

Lab Stuff

Recently, lab is driving me crazzzzzyy :o
I think as science students, we all will agree that lab is a super tedious and annoying session.
It is a love-hate relationship with lab.
Without lab , we can't earn a livelihood *it is what we are paid for* but at the same time with lab is super time consuming and some wrong steps can cause the entire procedure to go wrong. (CRIES)
At the same time, we expose ourselves to possibly carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals *for the better of mankind?* or just for our ricebowl and to lead a decent life.

But at the same time, I feel that scientists/ lab researchers are very underrated because as much as the Nobel prize winners are widely recognised, that is probably 5% of the population. 
There is so much competition from searching for the newest element, or chemical structure that cures cancer. And as far as research goes, if you didn't find anything, you have wasted your time.
Or worst, If you found something, but slower than other people who have published it, you have wasted your time.

All in all, it is a time-consuming process and even for testing labs, many procedures are required along with thousand of samples and a concerning deadline. And more often then not, the pay may not be comparable to your secondary school teacher.*coughs*
So probably, next time when you hear of someone who does research/ lab stuff, hopefully you might see the person in a different light.

Okay, I spent accumulative of 6-7 hours just doing a pro forma (not a full lab-report) and started typing nonstop. Partly cause I suck-ed at Microsoft Excel and cant do graphs and equations well.
And recently, some issue came up with lab that is going to stall my trip! @*&(*@^*(#(*#*#
Shall call the office tomorrow to see what really happened, and hope to get that cleared.

*On a happier, lighter note*
Here is an old picture of my turquoise hair which I liked, super long ago and haven't posted it before due to some reasons last time.

Come to think of it, was I really that fair 5 years ago? I sort of became more and more tanned recently, hmmmm. Need to start avoiding the sun and look more 'un-humanly' fair (:

Signing off

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