Saturday, February 04, 2017

Secondary School Reunion

Hair colour update! I've bleached my hair twice & put on an ash dye to achieve this look (:
I did my hair myself heh heh. The bleach was from Gatsby E-Hi Bleach Series & the Ash Hair dye was bought from City Square (J.B)~
Then I realised that the hair looks like..

Jean from Shingeki no Kyojin Hahahhahaha! XD
( just a kinder version :3 )

Anyways, I met up with my Secondary School clique after a really really long time. We had a little friction years ago and we didn't meet up.
However, I honestly feel to a certain extent (my dad) , got us back together and we were catching up like old times. 
Well, we all made mistakes when we are young & we have grown up already. It is important to let bygones be bygones. It's been a long time since we all met! 
And it was funny how our memories of each other were stuck 4 years ago.
We ate Poulet for Dinner!

I was craving for Poulet for quite sometime and I finally satisfied my tummy :3 
The mashed potato there as the bombzz (as usual) and I had one servings all by myself (:


It was such a long time since we met and had a proper chat!! I will never let anyone spoil our friendship from now on. It feels nice to not have restrains like meeting anyone and the opposite gender. We met the rest at Starbucks & Yay to group pic :D

 Weiyi, Junjie, Cheryl, Tionglin, Clarisa, Weiling, (me) & Kymm !
One more group pic before we left Vivo!

I am so glad to have them all back in my life. These are the people that made up almost half of my life , starting from 13 years old. I am starting to believe that friends that crosses the 7th Year mark, does become eternal friends.

It may sound mushy but, I really did miss you all. We caught up as per normal, despite the years of not meeting. We laughed and joked about our progress and its heartwarming to see how we have grown from complaining Mr Lim & Azlina to like work and jobscope and leaves.
Well, some other gossips still remain intact thou :3

Looking forward to meeting them again *touched tears*

Signing off

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