Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Selfie Stick

Today I was looking around for selfie stick as my travel log vids are like too close to my face.
Plus there are times where it is easier to stabilise your video with a selfie stick compared to my wobbly arms.
So I was asking for my sisters' if they had any and a funny conversation was made.

Me: 'Sis-es do you have selfie stick?' 
Elder Sis: 'Nope I dont have'
2nd Sis: 'I think I might have but I need to find.'
Mum: 'You need what? There are alot of Satay Sticks in the drawer.' 

We all burst out laughing hahahha.
Luckily my 2nd sis had one and it fits my camera!
Preparing for a travel log at the end of this month (:

Signing Off,


wildhalf said...

looking forward to your log

Kazue (Shun An) said...

Hehe thank you :3